Donate Your Items!


Donate your new and used building supplies and home improvement items (like furniture and appliances) to us! Habitat will use what we can to build or repair houses, and sell the rest to eager shoppers at our retail ReStore in Baraboo. About to remodel your home? Call us about having our “deconstruct” crew come out to remove your current kitchen, bath, etc.

If you have questions or a donation, email the HFHWRA office at: or call the ReStore at 608-356-0332 or the Donation Coordinator at 608-370-4286.

Donate Land


If you have land or building lots you would like to donate to us (either in total, or in part), we would be interested. Contact HFHWRA’s Executive Director Eleanor Chiquoine with any questions about such donations, or about advice on making a bequest or memorial to HFHWRA. Call 608-448-2888 or send an email to