Traditional Habitat Homeownership Program

7-29-2015-Eric-Stewart-at-window-530x504We are looking to build a “traditional” Habitat for Humanity style home in 2018.  If interested, contact us.

Are you looking for an affordable opportunity to buy a simple, decent home?  Click here to learn about the “traditional” Habitat for Humanity housing program.  If you like what you read about this program, then call the office at 608-448-2888 to set up a meeting about the requirements.

Using the “traditional” Habitat for Humanity program, HFHWRA builds 1 – 2 homes each year. HFHWRA works with one family at a time. The family is expected to put in “sweat equity” to help build the home, but the community is also asked to join in. The homes built by HFHWRA are affordable, decent, energy efficient homes that we finance at a very favorable rate. The homes are not fancy or large, and are designed by the HFHWRA Build Committee – not the family – to give a family the basics needed for housing. The location for the home is also selected by HFHWRA’s Build Committee. Features of the program are:

  • excellent financing through HFHWRA
  • a (usual) build time of about 6 months
  • energy efficient construction
  • some limited choices in terms of finishes (color of siding, shingles, countertops)

To qualify, an applicant must demonstrate the following: 1) Housing need, 2) ability/willingness to pay back the mortgage in a timely manner, and 3) ability/willingness to “partner” with HFHWRA during the build – and into the future. Why would HFHWRA care about “partnering” into the future? HFHWRA seeks good “partners” because with this “traditional” Habitat for Humanity program we ask members of the community to help build the home. Because community volunteers are asked to help in this way, it is only reasonable that those selected for this program understand that they become a “billboard” for the “traditional” Habitat for Humanity housing program both during the construction – but also far into the future.

Since HFHWRA began, over 50 homes have been built in Sauk, Columbia, Iowa counties.