Home Buyer’s Club – 2018

HFHWRA knows that having good credit is important.  Every year, we turn away many people from our home ownership program because of their credit history.                                                 But you can improve your credit history and your general financial situation!  Doing this will take some discipline.  It will take some changing.  It will take some prioritizing.   But we know you can do it, because we have served many people that came to us unable to qualify –  but then made the needed changes and now own homes!  So, ask yourself:

Do you really want your own home?Money-tree

Are you ready to improve your credit ?

Do you want to learn about the home buying process ?

Then join our informal Home Buyer’s Club! Our Home Buyers Club can put you on the path to owning your first home. This is not a one-day, one-week or even one-month program.  It is an ongoing, free, individualized  coaching program that offers you sessions to learn about how to budget,  how to improve your credit, and much more.


Make the first step today.  Call Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin River Area to set up your first session.    For questions or more information, email  office@hfhwisconsinriver.rg or call 608-448-2888

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