2017 Reedsburg USDA Self-Help Housing Update – April 10, 2017: 1 building lot is still “for sure” available! Make it yours!

We’ve extended the deadline to apply for one of the 5, count ’em, FIVE,   USDA Self-Help homes slated to start this summer in Reedsburg!    We still have 1,  or maybe 2, building lots available.  To fill out the Pre-Qualification form, call or text  the Self-Help Housing cell phone at:  608-370-4931.  Or call the HFHWRA office with questions at 608-448-2888.  MOVE QUICKLY – we want to get building under way!    If you h ave looked on the “conventional” market for a home this spring, you know there isn’t much out there at a great price.  If you’re willing to spend 1 year of your spare time helping with construction,  the USDA’s Self-Help Housing program will get you a great, brand new, home for a LOT less money!